Your Business.
Your Photos.
Your Story.

With more than 15 years experience partnering with businesses like yours, I’m more than a photographer, I’m a trusted partner. Together let’s level up your brand with some true-to-you imagery.

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Hi! I’m Jana

I’ve been a full-time portrait & event photographer in BC for 15 years, and also have years of experience in home staging, and set design for the Vancouver film industry. I love collaborating with my clients to create a visual representation of your brand’s story.

out with the old

Let's replace those stock photos with dynamic images that show who you are
and why you do what you do

Intentional imagery will help potential clients know who you are, what you can offer, and why they should hire you — all with just a glance.

Brand photography shows potential clients who you really are. It allows them to connect with you beyond just a name or a faceless website. And people are much more likely to buy a product, book a seminar, or comment on a post that comes from someone they feel like they genuinely know and have a relationship with.

Together, we can inject some personality and purpose into your marketing, and communicate your vision clearly.

some valued clients